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New 2014 Things I Should Do But May Never Get Around To.

Since I crossed off many items off my 2012 list, I figure I’ll do another one to keep myself accountable. Hopefully this time, it won’t take 2 years to check things off.

Donate that bag of clothes and other random stuff again.  This is cyclical.

Recycle batteries and electronics. This is also cyclical.

Download film/TV I purchased to the iPad. If I can figure how to do this.

Look into life insurance.

Write a will. I suspect that I will have to get around to this one!

Frame some pictures. This would require actually getting prints.

Stretch out shoes that are way too small. Working on it…

Get copies of Advanced Directive to doctors and family.  Not sure how to bring this up…

Learn how to tie a scarf.

Sell some clothes on Ebay. 

Figure out how to clean filter from wall unit A/C.  I think I need a screwdriver.

Hire someone to clean Dryer connector.  This is a fire hazard!





Update on Things I Should Do But May Never Get Around To.

Back in June 2012, I wrote down things I should do. Here’s an update.

Find a way to access a book I downloaded to my tablet.  NOPE

Plant those tomatoes.  They are dead!!!

Donate that bag of clothes and other random stuff.  DONE! But more crap is accumulating….

Finish those blog posts about work/life balance.   DONE, I think…

Various Tech Stuff, like backing up pictures to the hard drive and setting up a wireless modem.  NOPE.  

Go through all my magazine clippings and actually do something about it.  I think I threw a lot away..

Now I have new things to add…

Look into life insurance.

Write a will. (I suspect that I will have to get around to this one!)

Create a Shutterfly album.

Recycle batteries and electronics.

Put away winter clothing and blankets.

Get heel taps for new pumps.

A Second To-Do List

I currently have my main to-do list (with about 10 items) and a 2nd priority list that comprises of less important things that still need to be done but with less urgency.  On occasion I can delete things but in general all these items really need to be done,  at some point.  I realized that I’ve simply been moving items from my main list to my 2nd priority list just to get the feeling of getting things done.   Sad, I know!

Note: Most of the items cannot be outsourced. It’s either small stuff like handwashing sweaters or financial/health-related (privacy concerns).


Not Caught Up

I knew this post would come back to haunt me. Due to a super busy work/life period, it feels like my/our to-do list has become a mile long.  Everyone needs  shots (even the dogs). It’s time for an oil change.  The house is a mess, especially the floors.  I can count 2 to 3 random tech-related things that we need to address before we fall back into the stone age.  There is a crib-full of baby laundry.  I have to drop off some things at the drycleaner.  I’ve had a bag of clothes to donate in the trunk of my car for 3+ weeks.  And we really should clean out the garage so that I can finally make one big trip to Goodwill.  I definitely have to do laundry soon.  Work has slowed down, which helps, but I have to do something to stave boredom off and work on  “managing” my career before the next evaluation.

All Caught Up

I would like to go on record that for 2 days, I was officially caught up on ALL my chores and errands. 

I opened up my to-do list and saw that I had no errands pending.  There was only major errand that I was hoping to pawn off to my husband.  (He ended up doing this without me even having to ask!  I think he’s husband of the year now..)

I was supposed to call someone back but not for a few days.

Our household was stocked in terms of paper goods, supplies, diapers, wipes and food.  My shopping list was blank!

We didn’t even have social engagements lined up.  There were no upcoming birthdays to remember or parties.  I suppose this was like the lull in the storm before the holiday season.

I was swamped at work but I don’t really count that. 

Of course, two days later, the to-do and my to-buy list suddenly started swelling up again.  Oh well, I really enjoyed that “caught up” feeling!

November 2: Go, Go, Go Then Stop?

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life. 

When I find myself feeling stressed at work, I usually try to take my breaks and unwind a bit during lunch.  However, sometimes I use that go-go-go momentum to accomplish even more by using my lunchtime to do even  more.  It sounds crazy to add more to your to-do list when you’re already busy, but if I get more done during a busy workweek, I actually have more down-time on the weekend.  (Note: this doesn’t work if it’s so busy that you’re forced to eat at your desk!) 

For example, on a rather hectic work week, I squeezed in a hair cut and grocery shopping during my lunch hour.   While I still had stuff on my weekend to-do list, it was a relief to have completed the more urgent chores and enjoy a slow-paced weekend with a full fridge, toilet paper and a manage-able hair cut (a priority on my to-do list due to an upcoming event).

As I said it is crazy to add more  chores to a busy schedule but sometimes that’s the only way to carve enough real downtime.

Do you tend to spread out your errands or cram everything at once? How do you carve out down time?