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Biggest Food Mistakes

I spend a lot of time reading finance blogs and one of the most common posts revolve around financial mistakes — everything from paying late fees to buying too much house.  So I thought I would apply the same idea to food and cooking. Obviously food mistakes are usually not as major as money mistakes, unless you take a look at my #1.

1 ) Undercooking Chicken

Yes, I food-poisoned myself. In my early 20s, relatively new to cooking, I tried to make chicken. I don’t remember the recipe but it was probably a western-style dish culled from a cookbook. I spent the entire night in a close-to-vomiting state and thought I was going to die.

2 ) Chinese frittata

At that point in my life, I had never eaten frittata. I just read the recipe in a “Frugal Gourmet” cookbook. Does anyone remember Frugal Gourmet? Since I was clueless, I asked my mom for help. Although she is an excellent cook, she had never eaten or even seen a frittata. I don’t know what we did wrong but the recipe did not turn out. I think it called for flour, which we undercooked, but why would a frittata recipe have flour in it?

3 ) Italian stir fry with bok choy and black bean sauce

Years after the Chinese frittata incident, the reverse happened. I asked my Italian husband to sauté bok choy with some black bean sauce, a common condiment in Chinese cooking. Hmm..I’m noticing a pattern of me asking, not actually doing it myself… Anyway, he is an exceptional cook so it’s not surprising that his ‘mistake’ was slight. He added one spoon too many of the sauce and the dish tasted too salty.  Since he doesn’t make cooking mistakes, I have to bring this up every so often.

4 ) Boil-In-A-Bag Rice

It turned out okay but the mistake was actually trying this. I’ve always used a rice cooker or a pot with water using real rice grains. I guess this is supposed to be faster and you can microwave it? I put the bag in a boiling pot of water and hovered nervously over it for the next few minutes while re-reading the instructions in disbelief. Wasn’t the plastic bag going to melt or explode?

5 ) My Personal “Supersize Me” Experiment

One time, I joined two co-workers for lunch every single day. I had eaten with them on occasion but had no idea that they always ate at Jack In The Box, Carl’s Jr. or McDonalds. By Friday, I felt pretty sick and had to go home early. This was way before the movie “Supersize Me” but I can see how someone can get fat and physically ill from fast food.

6 ) Coke Addiction

Obviously, I mean Coca-Cola. I drank at least one can daily in college and one every workday afternoon.  I gave it up two, going on three, years ago.  Even my dentist has remarked that my teeth seem stronger.

So that’s my list of my biggest food-related mistakes. I’m sure that I could come up with a longer list if I dig deep into my college years and remember those years before I discovered real cheese!