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How I’m Doing On Goals and Pseudo-Resolutions

I resolved to focus on my career, bought an interview suit, and am now on the fence about even looking.  My reason for this change of heart is that I want to enjoy my shorter commute and low-stress job. It’s not that my job is without its stresses and deadlines;  it’s just that I’m a seasoned pro here who knows my job well, including short cuts and knowing the right people to ask for help in most situations. Any new job entails a learning curve and possibly longer work hours and the main reason for our move was to increase my time with the kids.

What I have done:

  • I sort of updated my Linked In skills/profile.
  • I read one or two articles related to my field.  It’s a struggle as I’m constantly tempted by other reading materials.  Now if I can apply what I read to my work, that would be a bonus.
  • I emailed my boss about upping the game in terms of building my skills at my current job. I figure that if I’m too lame to make a serious move and check outside options or go for higher titles, then I should make the most of my current situation.

Still, it feels like the new suit hanging in my closet is a constant reminder of my backpedaling ways!

In other areas:

I ate french fries two days in a row.  I didn’t make a resolution to eat healthier but eating worse is never a goal of mine!

I have not stepped into my gym in months.

I have prepped dinner a few nights but still find it a challenge to make the most of my extra half hour per night.

I am trying to not let the house fall into utter disorder/mess before cleaning.  I sweep up almost daily and try not to let things pile up.  This is good in a way as I’m learning that big cleanings are a bigger chore and headache.  The not so good part is that I end up doing more cleaning overall.

I have snapped at my husband (and others) much too often.  Not doing well in terms of appreciating loved ones.

I’m still a stressful basket case at times (though no longer due to traffic and commute!)

I have done some armchair activism but nothing more.

I signed up for a class — nothing related to work, just fun time with the kids.   I can’t wait…

I’m taking a photo a day. It’s not about being creative or artistic, although I try my best. It’s about documenting the small things in life from a messy sink to messy desk to a messy family life.  A mess is what I got…

So even though I didn’t officially make resolutions, in the back of my mind, I still have some goals that I’m trying to achieve..or not.  How are you doing on your goals and resolutions?

No Resolve

I looked back at my resolutions over the past few years and realized that I never succeed when I make multiple goals. It’s too much for me to handle and I actually forget my goals by mid-February. The only times I do succeed is if I pick one thing and one thing only.. That’s not too bad but I always have many goals in mind and just picking one is difficult.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to focus on career. I already bought an interview suit, just in case (!) but I haven’t even updated my resume. I’m not even quite sure I want to leave my job as I have a pretty good situation and room to grow experience-wise, though not title-wise and it’s limited salary-wise. As I’m all about money and realizing that titles do matter, I might have to poke my head out there and explore options. I just don’t want to take on too much as I finally have a shorter commute after years of traffic hell, and I have young kids at home. At the same time, I always have excuses for my career complacency!

I want to plan weekend fun (see Laura Vanderkam’s blog, which I’m too lazy to link to). I want to exercise twice a week. I want to be more active politically. I want to be more stylish.  I need to make chicken salad….

How many resolutions have you made for 2013?

December 1: Goals Update

Ah..Goals and resolutions…it gets harder to stay motivated as the days go by, especially with the holidays coming. 

Of course, the holidays make it a prime time to enjoy parenthood (as long as you’re not one of those parents who obsess about the “perfect” Martha Stewart holiday).  I think our “tradition” consists of simple gifts (low expectations), email cards that are sent on Christmas Eve, a few Christmas TV specials, hot chocolate, Christmas music which somehow don’t sound cheesy this time of year, and a small family get-together.  I do like to decorate a little but not sure I will this year. 

Gift Wrapping Idea from Oh Happy Day

Without further ado, here’s how it’s going with my regular goals/resolutions. Let’s hope they don’t get too side-tracked by the holidays.

Update wardrobe. Purchased J. Crew belt for $8 (sale + gift card). Purchased 1 pair of cotton weekend pants ($4o). I have not shopped for a pair of dark straight leg jeans, wrap  dress or anything else on my priority list.

Eat fish at least twice a week.  Doing good, due to making it my default menu choice. However, it’s a challenge when I go to food courts and there are so many options available!

Don’t focus on saving money too much.  This is a tough one. I’ve been avoiding frugality blogs and websites.  I enjoy reading these but I often need a break or I’ll start thinking that everyone in the world cares that much about finances.

Enjoy parenthood. I’ve been going to fun “exercise” classes for kids, i.e. basically a structured playtime that tires kids out and makes them less resistant to nap time…Genius!

Exercise on the weekends.  Do “Mommy & Me” exercise classes count? How about going non-stop on weekends doing chores and chasing toddlers instead of sleeping in and watching TV like I did in the good old days…?

Don’t expect others to read my mind.  I am direct about my concerns on big issues but I still feel like we/I tiptoe around some issues due to family dynamics etc.. Sometimes it’s more important to keep the peace. Also, it’s hard to be very direct with parents about money-related issues.

Pamper myself.  An appointment got unexpectedly cancelled but I had already taken that time off from work.  Rather than going straight to the office, I enjoyed a morning walk on a crisp autumn day.  For some reason the  sound of birds chirping and cars speeding by reminded me of Europe.  I shopped, stopped at Starbucks and then headed in to work.

Let go of my idea of a “perfect” clean house!  Just having this resolution on my list forces me to worry less about a messy house. Of course we do have cleaning help right now and I don’t know how I would feel if I couldn’t afford help and our cleanliness standards fell even lower! Note: My husband made a comment about the dirty sink — I guess my standards have fallen to the point that he notices.  Should I tell him it’s part of my resolution?

How are you doing on your goals? Is anyone thinking of 2012 goals yet?

Goals: Accountability

Even with my goals posted, I still have to read through it daily in order to remember and take action.  Of course the best thing about posting up goals on a blog is accountability so here goes…

  • Update wardrobe. Purchased so far this year – $30 for a sweater, belt and striped shirt (via a Land’s End Canvas LivingSocial Deal), $26 for a sweater and $35 cotten dress perfect for next summer.  I also realize that I need to create a list so that I don’t go overboard so here goes in terms of priority plus my maximum price: 1 pair of dark straight leg jeans ($50),  1 jersey wrap type dress (work/casual; $40),  1 skirt (work/casual; $40), 1 pair of ballet flats or heels (preferably in brown/neutral tones; $70),  1 -2 blouses that are comfy as t-shirts but more  dressed up ($20 each).
  • Eat fish at least twice a week.  At least once – twice a week, I’m making this my default choice. If there’s fish on the menu, I’ll order it (unless it’s fried).  Leaving myself “no choice” is probably the only way I can remember this goal!
  • Don’t focus on saving money too much.  I am constantly reminding myself that I’ve rarely found lower prices on diapers and wipes than at Amazon.com, although I don’t know if this is still true now that they dropped their discount from 30% to 20% only.   I still compare prices way too often.
  • Enjoy parenthood. Sometimes this is easy; sometimes incredibly hard.
  • Exercise on the weekends.  Not happening….
  • Don’t expect others to read my mind.  My poor husband should appreciate this one.  I should also add “not to make mountains out of mole hills.” I sort of “let it go” in terms of a comment he made and the anger dissipated quickly rather than blow up.
  • Pamper myself.  I bought myself an iced coffee,  just because.
  • Let go of my idea of a “perfect” clean house! 

Bonus goal of doing good: Bought co-worker an iced coffee, praised several colleagues that helped me on a big project, looked into joining a credit union.

I’ll do my next update in early December.

Goals, Finally

You may have noticed a new Goals & Resolutions list on the side of my blog. That’s because I don’t have any other place to put up goals…my habit of writing down on goals on post-it notes doesn’t work because I simply forget about these a week later.

Some of the goals are a bit vague and more of an attempt to cultivate new, better lifelong habits than concrete goals.

  1. Update wardrobe. My taste has changed a lot lately and now I want a good combination of comfort  and style.   I think that every few years a wardrobe refresh  is necessary due to changing tastes and shapes.   My Dilemma:  I have several pants and skirts that are still wear-able but a bit too tight for my liking.  I also want 1 or 2 dresses.  In my ideal world, all my new clothing would be good for both work and weekends.   And did I mention that I don’t want to spend too much? Update: I just found this great post about clothes shopping (really helpful tips)!
  2. Eat fish at least twice a week.  Always good, right?
  3. Don’t focus on saving money too much.  Sometimes I feel like Scrooge McDuck.
  4. Enjoy parenthood.
  5. Exercise on the weekends. 
  6. Don’t expect others to read my mind.  This is one of the vague ones but I think one of the root causes of my unhappiness is that I expect others to know what I want without having to say anything.
  7. Pamper myself and don’t expect others to pat me on the back.  Again this goes back to happiness.  I often want others to praise my actions and get disappointed if no one seems to appreciate me.  Well, I’m old enough now to reward myself and it’s better because no one knows what I want more than myself.
  8. Let go of my idea of a “perfect” clean house (life with kids is just going to be messy…).  Where is my messy inner teenager?

Either I’m way ahead of my 2011 resolutions or I’m way behind in my 2010 resolutions. 

Side Note: I read many bloggers who have monthly goals. I have no idea how they manage to make and keep so many goals! It is also hard to keep a reasonable number of goals. I really could list 3 financial goals, 3 career goals, etc… Plus I have some fuzzy desire to make a difference and support causes outside of my own little universe. 

Life Is Too Busy For Goals!

I’ve had a draft post entitled “Goals 2011” for weeks now, and it’s not getting done.  Following my own simple life tip about lowering the bar, I’m just not going to finish it.

I haven’t had much success with goal-setting in recent years. I didn’t accomplish any of my relatively easy goals last year.  (I’m astounded by the number of bloggers who set monthly goals or make a lot of resolutions like “do 30 things by age 30” etc..) While I used to make lists like these, now I’m happy to stay above water.    It’s not just kids; it’s work and life stuff like running errands/bills/chores, etc.. that is wearing me down.

So I guess my main goal this year is to keep treading water…

I do have goals that I know I won’t accomplish — write a will, do yoga twice a week, make roasted meats and crockpot dishes — but I’m listing them here so I can look back and laugh in 2012.