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Just Ask! Pushing My Luck Saves Me Money

I’ve been wimping out on my Just Ask! Negotiations challenge.  After a recent small victory over a $40 bill, I haven’t called the cable company to re-negotiate and I was this close to not asking for a fee waiver that would save us $140.  Why? Because I have a lot of pride and the vendor has been more than generous with discounts and fee waivers of late. True, this vendor has gotten a lot of our hard-earned cash this past two years but I still didn’t know if I should push my luck by asking once again.

Well, I sent off a short email.  I thanked them for their work and cautiously broached the subject. They quickly waived the $140 fee.  Success!

One of these days I should add up the savings due to my Just Ask! mindset.  Off the top of my head, I saved about $1,000+ on car repairs, at least $2,500+ in medical-related costs, and a good chunk of change for service providers like cable and phones.  Although not officially part of this self-challenge, my husband has also saved us money by asking for discounts here and there. 

As I mentioned, sometimes (oftentimes) my resolve waivers.  However, this blog holds me somewhat accountable and my string of successes reinforce the importance of asking. Lesson Learned:  You may think you’re pushing your luck, but it’s all in your head.