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Things I Should Do But May Never Get Around To

Find a way to access a book I downloaded to my tablet. I can’t remember if I used the Nook or Kindle app.  At one point, I was able to read the same book on my computer and tablet.  Now I can’t remember how I accessed this and what email account I used!  I paid for the book and would like to re-read it someday or at least share it.

Plant those tomatoes.  I have the plant, the dirt, a big pot but no desire.

Donate that bag of clothes and other random stuff. 

Finish those blog posts about work/life balance.   There’s a chance I will manage to finish up this post but just not in a timely manner.  I suppose this debate isn’t going away soon though…

Various Tech Stuff, like backing up pictures to the hard drive and setting up a wireless modem.

Go through all my magazine clippings and actually do something about it.  Whether it’s a recipe, organizing idea, new recipes or something else, I tend to clip magazine articles for a specific purpose and then dump these months later.

What do you have on your “Someday I’ll Get Around To It” List?