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Lowe’s Blows..or Adventures in Customer Service

I just have to say this…Lowe’s Customer Service blows..and here’s why:

I had placed an online order on the last day of an appliance promotion.  For some reason, my credit card issuer blocked the charge. I had to call and confirm that it was a valid charge; however, they could not re-authorize the charge. I had to go back online and redo the transaction.  At 9:00 pm pacific time, I tried to re-do the order but the price had jumped back up because it was past midnight eastern time (where the business HQ or warehouse was located I guess?).  This makes zero sense!  The sale was supposed to end that day but I assumed, rightly so, that it would expire midnight at my local time.  No where on the site did it say the sale would end at eastern time! If anyone has ever experienced something similar, please let me know!

Anyway, I contacted Lowe’s customer service and explained that I would like to get the sale price. Plus, and more importantly, I had an additional 10% off coupon expiring in a few days.  That extra 10% off plus 10% off sale price had already been applied in my shopping cart earlier, and would have gone through if not for Visa blocking the charge on their end. 

The first service rep refused to honor the sale price but said they could accept my 10% coupon on the regular price. I responded saying that Home Depot had the same sale price and could they honor the price as a competitor match, plus honor my 10% coupon code considering that the price should not have changed before midnight pacific time.   Another rep replied that it was not possible to do both.  Since I’m pissed about their website pricing change, I’m going to order the same item from Home Depot instead.

Contrast this to Macy’s…I purchased a few things from them but used the wrong coupon code, getting a 10% discount instead of 15%. After placing the order, I emailed them asking if they could let me use the 15% despite it being an error on my end.  They quickly credited my account for the difference.  I wouldn’t have been mad if they said no but I was very happy that they were so nice!

I think most businesses are and should be much more accomodating to their customers, if demands are reasonable.