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Sometimes I Hate Having Dogs…

I was going to title this “Sometimes I Hate My Dogs” but that wouldn’t be right.  They’re so loyal and loving and stare at me with those big brown eyes and are always so happy to see me…so I re-titled it as you see it above.

The reason I feel like this is because there are too many dog-related things on our to-do list right now, from the daily walks, feeding and poop-scooping to vet visits and getting dog food.  Oh, yeah, occasionally they would also like me to pet them on the head, those needy beasts!

I feel bad. I do. But all I want to do when I get home is spend every second with my kids, even if it isn’t all hugs and playtime but more often means bathing, feeding and diapering. 

My husband is much more well-adjusted about this.  He is the one who is always reminding me about the dogs’ existence.   He is willing to feed them at 9:30 pm at night while I seriously consider letting them miss a meal.  After all their wild wolf ancestors had to kill their own food, right?

I’m such a bad dog owner but I promise to be kinder once my kids are older. Plus, I want them to appreciate the love/loyalty of family pets.

Addendum:  This is what happens when you post up random thoughts in near-draft form.  I want to add that in all fairness it’s not a choice a between hugging rosy-cheeked lovable babies and dog poop. Oftentimes the babies cry a lot or are just very fussy, so you spend a lot of time just calming them down which limits the time you do have for your dogs.  So in essence I am mad at my dogs for taking up too much time, even though the babies are the real culprits!