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Mindless Magazines

I recently got free magazine subscriptions to InStyle and Redbook. While InStyle has always been light on content, I thought Redbook offered more “insightful” articles about relationships, marriage and life in general.  At least that’s what I remember from skimming through Redbook in doctors’ offices.  Anyway, the issue I got was a revamped Redbook with a beaming Lauren Conrad, bold fonts and bright, happy graphics and tons of images.  There was definitely an attempt to be more interactive as in encouraging you to scan a code to see videos or go online.  In many ways, it was mimicking a website or blog.  And it read like a very light-weight fashion blog, too.  InStyle also seemed more graphic and image-heavy than in the past.

I get it. Magazines are competing with the online experience on tablets, websites, social media and blogs.  It’s fair to assume your readership, or potential new readers, have very short attention spans.  Still I find it sad that both of these magazines have become so shallow (especially Redbook, now a sad imitation of Lucky and Teen Vogue) that it’s not worth keeping for a second glance.

What are your thoughts of lifestyle or glossy women’s magazines?