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This Is What Shopping Lists Are For..

A pair of black pumps I had on my Amazon.com wish list just went on sale for 41% off, and I have a 20% coupon code.  I am so tempted.  The only thing that keeps me from hitting the “buy” button is I recently went through my closet and assessed my needs and wants.  At the top of my replacement list is a pair of brown pumps.  I also would like a leather purse.  Another pair of black pumps is not even really on my shopping list and if I buy it, I would probably have to wait out the upcoming Labor Day sales.  As one of the commenters said in my wardrobe revamp post, it’s smarter to shop strategically!

I must stay strong…

May 11: Own 12 Pairs Of Shoes

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life. 

I know this will not be a popular tip for fashionistas or anyone who loves shoes, but I do think that paring down your collection is a worthwhile goal for everyone, especially if you no longer really know what you have in your closet!

I wrote down the number 12 before I even took stock of my shoe closet.  Surprisingly, I was almost dead on.  Right now, I own about 12 pairs of shoes, including two pairs of boots, which is very few for most women and a lot for some.  Here’s my current inventory:

  • Flats: Brown, Black, Gray, Dark Blue; (also have another pair of black flats that is past its prime and which I never wear)
  • Pumps: Black leather, gray slingback
  • Loafers: Blue
  • Sneakers: Puma, Gray, Work-out pair
  • Boots: Black mid-calf, Brown low ankle
  • Sandals: Green
  • Espadrilles: J. Crew

I must admit that I’m looking for another pair of black pumps to save my favorite ones from being worn to death as well as neutral sandals for summer.  Even if I do add 2 pairs, I think it’s still a low total especially since I can’t wear Pumas or sneakers to work.

For men, 12 pairs of shoes may seem too high!

Everyone’s magic number is different.  However, a dozen pairs seems to be a good, reasonable number if simplicity is your goal.   Too many options makes it harder to pull outfits together.  If you love shoes too much, you can apply this principle of less is more to purses or clothing.  Most people end up wearing the same favorite outfits over and over again anyway.

What is your magic number? Can you get by with 12 pairs of shoes?

I Got My Blu-ish Suede-Like Shoes

Did you know that it is a crime to walk out of Target with only the items on your shopping list? No one does it. You walk in with a list of needs and walk out with stationary from the $1 temptation bins, cute argyle socks, and yet another silver frame.  You get the picture.

I was almost out the door with the two items on my list when I decided to check out the shoe section. I had my eye on a pair of $25 greenish-blue moccasins.  As luck would have it, my powers of delayed gratification saved me 50%.  Although it wouldn’t last one day in New York, they’re comfortable enough for Los Angeles (walking that 0.1 mile from car to a store).  They’re cheap, made in China, and will probably be scuffed up within 6 months but I am the proud owner of a fun, colorful pair of new shoes.