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Baked Pasta “Sicilian” Style

It’s nice to come home to the smell of bechamel and red sauce. 

Last night, I came home late and found my husband in full cooking action.  One large pot had a mixture of steamed cauliflower, cooked pasta, capers, peperoncino, olives and possibly onions in a red sauce.  In another pot, bechamel sauce was bubbling.  There was also a delicious looking pizza with bell peppers, onion and brie, but I didn’t try it because I had eaten earlier. 

This was the mid-way point of a baked pasta dish we’ve dubbed “sicilian” for its red sauce and spicy flavor.  The two sauces are mixed together and then poured into a deep pan that is lined with breadcrumbs.  For the full recipe, click here.  If you’re not a fan of cauliflower, you can omit it and increase the pasta portions.

Yes, this dish takes time but it lasts at least 3 – 4 nights!