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Just Ask…The Friendly, Loyal Customer Way To Negotiate

Since last year, I’ve challenging myself to negotiate, or just ask, for discounts and deals.  While I thought this would be a straight-forward challenge,  I’m realizing that there are many, more things to learn in my mission to become a master negotiator.

My two recent successes are:

1 ) Time Warner Cable – Got free DVR service for 3 months ($15/mo savings)

2 ) Verizon DSL – Knocked $11/month off high-speed DSL, without signing up on a new contract or bundling

I’ve had mixed results with both of these companies.  Sometimes I get a discount; other times their Customer Service representatives have stood firm.  Before calling, I always arm myself with ads from their latest promotions and competitor offers.   I start off as polite but I admit that I am usually very ready to get mad or indignant. 

This time was different. 

My new approach? While I did have competitor offers on hand, I was in a much more friendly mood.  I told them about better offers from their competition.  Then I listened as they rattled off all the benefits of their company, tried to get me to bundle my services, and told me all the ‘bad’ things about the competition.  I expressed my disappointment that long-time, loyal customers never get the best deals.  At that point, both Reps decided to “see what they could do for me” and gave me the discounts.   I just wish that Time Warner would offer a discount without the pathetic 3 month limit.

I’m not 100% sure if my new approach will always be more successful. A lot will depend on the individual customer service representative.  Maybe the most important fact is this:  I felt like I had a human conversation with a nice, helpful person.  Plus, I don’t dread having to call Time Warner back in 3 months to “see what else they could do”.  If you’re the type who dreads negotiating, this friendly approach might be best for you.