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Random Thoughts…on the Work/Life Juggle

There is a funny chapter in Tina Fey’s Bossypants where she is overseeing major developments at work while trying to plan her daughter’s birthday party.  I feel like that right now, only even less focused.

Thoughts running through my head:

Work, work, work. Should I use the Friends & Family discount at Land’s End? Work, work, more work thoughts. I want to make lasagna this weekend.  Must email so-and-so back.  Have I emailed C– in accounting? Or should I make chicken with brown rice? Must ask husband to buy some bell peppers and use the Whole Foods voucher. Work stuff.  I have to prepare for 3 meetings today.  I need to call the dentist. When do I get a flu shot? Work, work, work.  I want to read some blogs instead of work.  Isn’t there a big sale at Old Navy? I need to upload photos.  Why is her life so much easier than mine? Back to work…. Ever had one of those days or weeks?