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A Second To-Do List

I currently have my main to-do list (with about 10 items) and a 2nd priority list that comprises of less important things that still need to be done but with less urgency.  On occasion I can delete things but in general all these items really need to be done,  at some point.  I realized that I’ve simply been moving items from my main list to my 2nd priority list just to get the feeling of getting things done.   Sad, I know!

Note: Most of the items cannot be outsourced. It’s either small stuff like handwashing sweaters or financial/health-related (privacy concerns).


Not Caught Up

I knew this post would come back to haunt me. Due to a super busy work/life period, it feels like my/our to-do list has become a mile long.  Everyone needs  shots (even the dogs). It’s time for an oil change.  The house is a mess, especially the floors.  I can count 2 to 3 random tech-related things that we need to address before we fall back into the stone age.  There is a crib-full of baby laundry.  I have to drop off some things at the drycleaner.  I’ve had a bag of clothes to donate in the trunk of my car for 3+ weeks.  And we really should clean out the garage so that I can finally make one big trip to Goodwill.  I definitely have to do laundry soon.  Work has slowed down, which helps, but I have to do something to stave boredom off and work on  “managing” my career before the next evaluation.

Things I Do Manage To Get Done

After posting up my list of things I probably never get around to doing, I thought I would type up a list of things I have done, as a sort of a pat myself on the back!

Spend quality time with the kids, including some fun stuff, while holding a full-time job with a long commute!

Keep up this blog

Sometimes my kids are not sticky, quite a feat when you consider that the youngest puts everything in his hair.

Still see my friends, on occasion.

Exercise once a week (or twice a month…)

Do well at my job.

Get my hair cut before it looks completely ragged.

Read other people’s blogs (and comment sometimes!)

Help others, on rare one-off basis, but better than nothing!

Manage household budget and still comparison shop and get deals to some extent, so that we can spend on cleaning help and where it counts.

Do some household chores.

Washed the dryer lint filter.  I just found out that it’s not enough to just take out the lint after each drying.  Build-ups can cause a fire if you don’t scrub it out every 6 months or so.

Feed kids healthy and mostly organic home-cooked foods (with lots of help from my husband and mom)

Eat relatively healthy and even bring lunch to work once in a while. I’m not holding myself to high standards here but I do avoid fast food and not overspend in this area.  I do think that all these years of cooking and eating have helped a lot since I can whip up quick, healthy meals.

Read books (at this rate, it’s will be about 6 total this year)

Organized my sweaters, and to some extent my entire closet on a vacation day.

Of course many things have fallen through the cracks or aren’t done as often as I like.  We still haven’t figured out how to squeeze in couple time on any regular basis.  I would like to exercise more, which I do think is do-able if I start getting up earlier consistently.  I am woefully out of sync with pop culture and real culture, which I define as well-reviewed books/movies/TV shows/music and thought-provoking articles.  While talking with a childless friend recently, I realized that most of her cultural references were lost on me.  So-and-so played a concert in town. No idea. Everyone is talking about this book? Never heard of it.   An interesting NPR story? Doesn’t ring a bell.  I have seen a certain Disney movie a hundred times however. 

Still, I am happy that this list of “things done” is as long as it is!