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All Caught Up

I would like to go on record that for 2 days, I was officially caught up on ALL my chores and errands. 

I opened up my to-do list and saw that I had no errands pending.  There was only major errand that I was hoping to pawn off to my husband.  (He ended up doing this without me even having to ask!  I think he’s husband of the year now..)

I was supposed to call someone back but not for a few days.

Our household was stocked in terms of paper goods, supplies, diapers, wipes and food.  My shopping list was blank!

We didn’t even have social engagements lined up.  There were no upcoming birthdays to remember or parties.  I suppose this was like the lull in the storm before the holiday season.

I was swamped at work but I don’t really count that. 

Of course, two days later, the to-do and my to-buy list suddenly started swelling up again.  Oh well, I really enjoyed that “caught up” feeling!

To Do Or Not To Do

Another Every Wednesday Post…

I am toying with the idea of not having a to-do list. Would that really be possible? I don’t remember having one in college and I was fine.  It’s probably not completely feasible.  For one, I would still have to keep the following lists:

  1. To-do list for work (I don’t think boss would appreciate my ban on lists)
  2. A shopping list (I don’t want to wander around the supermarket for hours)
  3. Calendar for appointments (I think doctors don’t like it if you forget appointments)

However, it would be nice to wake up on a to-do list to follow and check off.  What would that day look like?  Would I run out of underwear? Would I run out of food? Would I forget to pay bills?  Would I remember to have fun? 

I think I have a “fear” of not planning and this goes beyond to-do list of chores and errands. To sum it up, if you remember that fable about the grasshopper and the ant, I don’t want to be the grasshopper.  I fear that if I give in to my grasshopper tendencies, five years will go by and I will be in the same spot, a spot that I don’t love very much. 

While I don’t think planning life to the last detail is great or even really feasible, I do think that planners I’ve met accomplish more than those who live day-to-day.  That’s not a bad thing if your goal is to just enjoy life, but I think most of us do have goals, big or small, that would make us feel happier but can be easily forgotten in the frenzy of life.

Do you keep a to-do list? Could you live an unplanned life?

September 7: Write Everything Down

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life. 

Every once in a while, I give organizational tips  because frankly the more disorganized I get, the more complicated life gets.

My big life-changing tip is to write everything down as soon as possible.  Yesterday while I was in the break area, a co-worker asked me to bring food for a potluck.  I went back to my desk and wrote this request down.  Any piece of paper or electronic method with reminder will do. Because if I don’t write it down somewhere, I will completely forget by the time I walk from the break area to my office.   This is not surprising or uncommon, unfortunately.  Recently I went to Target to pick up three items; If I had not checked my list before leaving, I would have forgotten one.  That’s right. Three items is  too taxing for my little brain.   

I don’t know when I became so forgetful.  Part of it has to do with aging; Most of it has to do with having so many things to do.  When I was in college, my to-do list consisted of going to class, studying, hanging with friends, and a few errands. If I forgot to buy an item, I’d just go another day.  Now if I forget to buy something, it is a big hassle to make another supermarket trip. Or worse yet, I forget something crucial, like diapers or wipes, and the baby has to sit in the same filthy diaper for days… (just kidding). 

I already write down everything for my job so it’s not too much of a bother to write down every seemingly insignificant task for my personal life.  While I do have several to-do lists, on my desk there’s always a post-it note with random things like expiring coupon codes, rebate submission dates, books I want to read, people to email or call, shopping lists, etc… 

I know there are fancy electronic versions out there where you keep your list on your smartphone and can update it anytime from your phone or computer AND even share this to-do list with others in your household.  However, I’m nowhere near that tech savvy yet!

Here’s a good primer about creating effective to-do lists from LifeHacker.

Do you swear by to-do lists? How do you keep organized? Do you keep everything in one place or do you also use the post-it “method”?