Advice From Writers And Celebs

If you blog long enough, you probably start a section for rants. It’s evitable. You get more comfortable with your voice and you realize that you have an outlet, finally, to vent to the world no matter how small your readership is…  This isn’t my first real rant. I think I railed enough about our healthcare system and glossy magazines, but this could qualify as my first “pure” rant. 

On, I came across a section titled “Spring Cleaning Tips from Celebs” including the likes of Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow of fame.  While I wouldn’t be surprised if Martha actually did clean just for the thrill of it, I think celebs advice can be summed up with: Ask the Maid(s) to do a deeper cleaner of my 10-bedroom mansion.  Please don’t pretend you’re like the rest of us in this category.

On the same note, I recently read 1 or 2 articles in Real Simple magazine about work-life balance.  I believe one wrote books while the other freelanced for magazines and newspapers.  Both had children but worked from home most days.  While they did have some good tips, I could not take their advice seriously.    If you work from home, you are not in a position to give work-life advice.  You have a lot more flexiblity than many people out in the work world.   Maybe I’m being a bit harsh but I want real-world advice from worker bees who don’t have that much flexibility or control over their schedules.  I guess that’s what blogs are for?

9 responses to “Advice From Writers And Celebs

  1. Exactly — i like to know what people like me do to get by.

  2. Good rant. (And why the heck do I enjoy other people’s rants so much?)

    I have to say that for now, I’ve solved the problem by getting off the treadmill and cutting spending drastically. But it’s a change in progress and I don’t know where it’s all going–that’s another time when you can’t offer advice: when you don’t know how your experiment is going to work out! Obviously, you will not find me telling people to quit their jobs and move to a foreign country on my blog . . .

    PS–I love the thought of someone responding to spring cleaning by telling the maids to do a deep cleaning of the mansion. It cracks me up. And I often wonder why people are interested in the daily lives of celebrities at all. . .fame is random and does not denote good sense.

  3. Rant on! I understand that folks who work from home like to think of theirs as any ol’ regular job, but puhleaze! Do my 2-3 hour commute each day and then talk to me about it, FFS.

    Here’s another idiotic out of touch thing, which I actually used to do (embarassing!)–people who don’t have children telling others how to parent. As if.

  4. I’m glad you all enjoyed my rant…

    I used to be pretty clueless about celebrity stuff but now it’s everywhere. Even if you don’t follow religiously, you can get so much from headlines.

    CF: I can totally see how tempting it is to give advice on parenting, even if you’re not a parent!

  5. I do my best to pick out the good bits of advice that I can turn to my own advantage, but it’s annoying when people make blanket statements in advice articles.

    Sometimes it’s hard NOT to want to give family advice on parenting when their kids obey the younger generation better than they do their own parents. But we bite our tongues, advice unheeded is just a waste of breath anyway.

  6. littlehousesouthernprairie

    i love me a good rant! when i ranted on my blog about about — ehem — a specific healthcare company that was f-ing up my COBRA, i named them. and even though i just have a wee blog, the company has google alerts on itself and my blog got picked up. they had the problem fixed in three days — this being after months of wrangling. so bitch away and feel free to name names when you need to, because it really can help you out.
    as for work/life balance — i agree to an extent. i write from home part-time. there are small work-life issues, but they are just that: very small. it is NIGHT AND DAY compared to when i worked in a newsroom full-time, and my entire schedule was at the whim of the my boss and the news of the day. i found work-life balance pretty impossible and would have slapped stupid any stay-at-home-r giving advice like “practice yoga poses at your desk to find calm before a conference call.” yeah, whatever.

  7. @Little House: That’s good to know that naming names can help. Maybe I should ‘out’ my evil health insurance company!

    • littlehousesouthernprairie

      seriously, i wrangled for FOUR MONTHS to get the basic coverage i’d *already paid for* and nothing got fixed until i put it on the blog.

      but — i also use my real full name on my blog (and my maiden name, which is now my middle name, is extremely unusual –> ie no question as to who i was), so it made it super easy for them to find my case. a representative called me out of the blue 3 days after the blog posting, gave me her direct line, squared away everything.

      they told me sometimes they come across bitching on the web but can’t figure out who it is, so they don’t know what case file to dip into.

  8. I love a rant. Rant on! And thanks for the tip Little Houses Southern Prairie. I’ll drop more brand names in the future…

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