My Last Blog Post ?

I hate it when bloggers disappear. Sometimes I even worry a little about ‘missing’ bloggers. What if something happened to that him/her?  So… I keep meaning to write a proper goodbye post.

According to my stats, people still find this space through old comments and links. Since people end up here, I just want to share this sad, tragic story of a poor abused boy named Scotty McMillan. People want to look away and not think about child abuse but it happens every day, often with terrible results.  I don’t know about his family or if this story will fade away but it has changed me.  I will forever support organizations that prevent child abuse and not just ignore it.


3-year old Scotty McMillan

3-year old Scotty McMillan



New 2014 Things I Should Do But May Never Get Around To.

Since I crossed off many items off my 2012 list, I figure I’ll do another one to keep myself accountable. Hopefully this time, it won’t take 2 years to check things off.

Donate that bag of clothes and other random stuff again.  This is cyclical.

Recycle batteries and electronics. This is also cyclical.

Download film/TV I purchased to the iPad. If I can figure how to do this.

Look into life insurance.

Write a will. I suspect that I will have to get around to this one!

Frame some pictures. This would require actually getting prints.

Stretch out shoes that are way too small. Working on it…

Get copies of Advanced Directive to doctors and family.  Not sure how to bring this up…

Learn how to tie a scarf.

Sell some clothes on Ebay. 

Figure out how to clean filter from wall unit A/C.  I think I need a screwdriver.

Hire someone to clean Dryer connector.  This is a fire hazard!





Another update on Things I should I should..this time with some progress

Back in June 2012, I wrote down things I should do. Here’s an update.

Find a way to access a book I downloaded to my tablet.  YES, I now borrow e-books from the library on a regular basis

Plant those tomatoes.  NOPE

Donate that bag of clothes and other random stuff.  YES, but still more stuff needs to go!

Finish those blog posts about work/life balance.   DONE

Various Tech Stuff, like backing up pictures to the hard drive and setting up a wireless modem.  YES, set up the damn wireless modem, or is it called router? 

Go through all my magazine clippings and actually do something about it.  Joined Pinterest instead

Now I have new things to add…

Look into life insurance. LOOKED into it but didn’t do anything about it.

Write a will. (I suspect that I will have to get around to this one!) Haha, NOPE

Create a Shutterfly album. YES, actually got one printed

Recycle batteries and electronics. YEP

Put away winter clothing and blankets. It’s that time of year again.

Get heel taps for new pumps. NOPE, now these pumps are no longer new.


Now I got to to-do list is mile long.

First World California Problem

I just realized that I may not wear all my winter clothing this year. I don’t have that many sweaters/heavy clothing but this warm winter just didn’t give much opportunity and I love winter / fall clothes and sweaters!

#11 Purchase – Books

I did buy a book or 2…(used)



Don’t Be Jealous Of All My Pillows…

I must stop shopping…


Side Blog Project

I’m now running this blog to keep myself away from Ebay and online shopping.