Do It Myself…

Dilemma: Yesterday I noticed the horrific weeds growing around our garage and elsewhere.  Now it has become an issue stewing in my own head while my husband is oblivious about this suddenly “urgent” new project.  I have a few options.

1) Take my own advice about work/life balance and find a gardener. My neighbor has a good one, not cheap, but reasonable and trustworthy. Don’t mention to my husband and hire on my own. Unfortunately I don’t think he would like gardeners showing up without warning.

2) Mention it to my husband, who will likely want to pay less or find someone on his own, meaning that this “urgent” project won’t get done this weekend.

3) Do it myself and hate it because I should be spending the weekend with my kids.

4) Do it myself and say it’s exercise and a chance to get fresh air.

Which option would you choose? Which is the simplest choice?  I think I already know what I’ll end up doing….I guess the title says it all!

6 responses to “Do It Myself…

  1. I like how the only real difference between 3 and 4 is your attitude/mental thoughts. Could you actually accomplish 4? Otherwise I’d go with the option that results in you staying the most sane. Maybe this is 1, if your husband will quickly get over the fact that you surprised him with a gardener! If he’ll be legitimately upset, I guess… 2?

  2. I guess I should rephrase the problem with solution #1. It’s not really my husband getting upset; it’s more about coordinating our schedules. Off the top of my head, he has 3 appointments next week PLUS an important business meeting that everything else needs to be scheduled around. I have a feeling that #4 is the best option and yes, it’s all mental!

  3. Is there an option to just set it on fire? ;P

  4. CF– You’re funny! I was seriously thinking of hiring weed-eating goats…

  5. Everybody in the family can weed together. Hats and sunblock!

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