Another Reason To Hate My Dogs

A while back, I wrote about how much I hate having dogs.  Now I have yet another reason. We’re looking for a place closer to my job and parents. This would make the quality of our lives, especially mine, so much better.  No more long commute.  More parental help! A better neighborhood. Better schools for our kids.  I would be less stressed.  I would see my kids more!  We could walk around our neighborhood.  I would have time to cook and we can both do more fun things together.  My husband wouldn’t have to put up with my complaints as often.  Did I mention reducing my 1 hour each way commute from hell??  I’m even willing to pay higher rent for all these advantages.

The problem is that our options are severely limited due to ownership of 2 large dogs.  The average rent goes up by about $300, give or take.   This is not a small matter — I’m talking about an extra “dog penalty” of $300 or more in addition to a $500+ rent increase for moving to a better neighborhood.  I’m willing to pay $400 – 500 more for a better area / schools, but another $300 – 400 just for dogs!?  Not sure sure if we can swing it or if we can, I will curse them in my dying days when I’m old and eating dog food due to inability to save a penny because of these dogs.  A bigger problem is that many landlords are willing to accept one small dog, but not two big ones, even with extra security deposits. 

At this moment, I wish we did not own dogs.  (No lectures please….We’re too responsible to abandon them and on most days, I truly think they’re a part of our family.)

Do you ever think about the cost of your dogs?

11 responses to “Another Reason To Hate My Dogs

  1. We always rented in places that didn’t allow pets (although it was very common for our neighbors to own cats). Our dog came along, literally, after we had bought our house. So we never had to deal with pet deposits and the like. It sounds like you’re looking at a $300/month increase, though, not just a hefty pet deposit, and yikes!

    Nevertheless, we have to buy food, and have the dog groomed, and buy her daily medication, and take her to the vet a few times a year (she’s 13 or 14–no one is sure), so the costs do add up. I haven’t actually added them up, though.

    • I guess this is when the cost of renting vs. owning comes into play. Yes, I haven’t even mentioned the cost of vet bills and the like. I’d cry if I think about that!

  2. Moving sounds like it would really be a huge benefit in so many ways….my heart goes out to you….Hope you find a way round your dilemma?????

  3. Sorry to hear about your difficulties, I know a lot of apartment complexes won’t even rent to bigger dogs because of liability issues. Good luck finding a place for your family.

  4. Why does this seem so…puerile?

    If the dogs interfere that much with something important to you & the result is you resent the dogs (which could incline you to neglect or mistreat them), for heaven’s sake find new homes for the dogs. We have pets to improve the quality of our lives, not make our lives worse. When that isn’t working, it’s time to find the hounds some humans whose lives are not negatively impacted by owning pets.

    • How, exactly, do dogs improve the quality of a person’s life? About $1,500 a year to support one; the constant possibility that a supposedly “good” dog will bite, or even kill, someone, leading to financial ruination, and legal, problems(maybe jail); having to make arrangements for someone to care for them, if you go on vacation, or the hospital; having to factor canine bowel movements into,myour schedule. What exactlydo these things do for you? are theyntrained guard dogs? Are they seeing eye dogs/ You probably got them because you thought that everyone has to ,have a dog. You are under no obligation to support such costly, useless animals! You are absolutely correct to realize that keeping dogs can lead to a poverty stricken old age. get rid of them. You will so need the money for something else. Admitt myou made a mistake getting them; cut your financial,losses.

      • Wow– I approved some of your comments. You must really hate dogs. I didn’t get dogs because everyone else has one. I’ve generally marched to my own drumbeat. Anyway, I had no idea that they could be so expensive to keep.

  5. EricK – That post was meant in jest but I would find a new home for them if I could find someone (you?) who would happily take in old dogs with medical issues. Also, my husband would never let me… Also, animal shelters seem to be overflowing with needy pets that are younger so I doubt anyone would take them.

  6. I don’t hate my dog. I hate my husband who took my request for a Pom and brought home a Saint Bernard who is ruining my life.
    I understand she is a puppy, but a 25 pound puppy can still take an eye out.

  7. Oh yeah. My guy had the dog when I met him. In a study the cost of a medium dog for routine vet care an average food is about $1200 a year; so I’m thinking $2000 a year for a large dog plus regular grooming plus high end food is a reasonable estimate. Times the four years already, plus the two dogs he had for seven years before he met me, plus the $5000 he spent on chemo for a dog that was already 30% over it’s average lifespan-that’s OVER $30,000 for dogs in 12 years. That’s money that could have been earning interest, money we could depserately use now for air conditioning or retirement savings or a camper or whatever. Instead most of it is in the two urns in the garage. Dogs just aren’t worth it.

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